Consider Climate, Manitoba

Manitoba needs leaders whose policies, laws, and budgets Consider ClimateAnd you can be part of making that happen!

What’s the Consider Climate campaign all about?

Consider Climate, Manitoba (CCM) is a non-partisan, grassroots campaign focused on educating Manitoba’s policy makers about the importance of climate action, and showing them that this is something Manitobans are concerned about.

Together we can show Manitoba’s leaders that all policy, budget, and legal decision should Consider Climate to make life healthier and more affordable for everyone.

Campaign Definitions


Not biased towards or not in favour of any political party

GreenHouse Gases (GHGs)

GHGs are carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, water vapour, methane, etc. They are released when coal, natural gas, or oil are burned. GHGs trap heat from the sun in our atmosphere, causing the planet to warm and our climate to change.

Policy decisions

“Public policy decision making refers to actions taken within governmental settings to formulate, adopt, implement, evaluate, or change environmental policies. These decisions may occur at any level of government.”


Emission reduction targets

Measurable targets that help determine policies necessary to reduce GHGs. Learn more about Manitoba’s lack of emission reduction targets here.

Solutions to reduce emissions in Manitoba exist. Now we need leaders to implement them.

Manitoba’s Road to Resilience is a series of reports that outline a pathway to an emission free Manitoba. It explores strategies that address compounding challenges Manitobans are currently facing (such as the affordability and health crisis’).

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