Provincial Party  Commitments

Leading up to Manitoba’s 2023 election, we asked all provincial parties who had candidates running in 50%+ riding in the last election 5 questions about their climate action plans. See their answers below.

Note: Answers to questions we asked are not listed for the Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba as they did not provide any for us to publish.

1. Emission Reduction Targets

Will your party commit to reducing Manitoba’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 45% below 2005 levels by 2030, in line with targets set in the Paris Agreement?

Manitoba Liberal Party

Our commitment is to make Manitoba carbon-neutral by 2034. We will do this with new technology, switching to electric, increasing the use of transit, reducing emissions and rewilding the province. By rewilding, we are referring to restoring ecosystems to their original state – restoring natural forests, grasslands, lakes rivers and wetlands – so we can pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and lock it back in trees, plants, and the soil.

To speed that transition and help Manitobans across the province contribute, we are establishing a new Green Fund, starting at $300-million a year, to support Manitobans in restoring the environment, fighting climate change, and making energy saving retrofits.

As we continue to see the devastating effects of climate change across our province, Manitoba Liberals have a plan in place to ensure that our province does its part to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

New Democratic Party of Manitoba

Climate change is not just a threat on the horizon it’s real and we see its impact every day. Manitobans want to protect our environment and fight climate change so our children and grandchildren can enjoy it for years to come. The Manitoba NDP will create a roadmap to meet net zero targets by 2050 by working with all stakeholders and commit to working towards reducing emissions by 45% below 2005 levels by 2030, in line with targets set in the Paris Agreement.

This will make Manitoba a climate leader and a desirable location for new business and low carbon industries.

We have also committed to signing on to the 30×30 pledge by working with stakeholders including Indigenous communities to protect 30 per cent of Manitoba’s lands and waters by 2030.

Instead of working with environmental organizations, Heather Stefanson is working against them. She cut funding to the Green Action Centre, Climate Change Connection and the Manitoba Eco Network. We will restore the funding Brian Pallister and Heather Stefanson cut to environmental organizations and work with them to fight climate change.

Green Party of Manitoba

Yes! We Manitobans need immediate action moving us quickly in that direction and green MLAs will work tirelessly to ensure we reach our goals!

2. Transportation

Will your party commit to ensuring that your policies, laws, and funding commitments related to transportation also help reduce Manitoba’s GHG emissions?

Manitoba Liberal Party

Yes. We will improve access to environmentally friendly transportation. A Manitoba Liberal government will properly invest in transit to ensure that our public transportation will be low cost and accessible for people to get to work, school, and appointments. We will restore 50/50 transit funding for the City of Winnipeg and invest in transit expansion in other towns and cities.

Under a Manitoba Liberal government, eligible projects under our Green Fund will go towards charging stations for EVs, as well as efficiency programs for farmers and producers to reduce the impact of agricultural GHGs.

New Democratic Party of Manitoba

We will stop the PC funding freeze to municipalities, which has forced them to cut transit services We will work with municipalities to help electrify their transportation fleets and other vehicles.

The Manitoba NDP will offer a $4,000 rebate for new EVs and hybrids and a $2,500 rebate for used EVs and hybrids, to make purchasing an EV a more affordable option for regular Manitobans. We will also invest in charging infrastructure across the province, while partnering with the Federal Government, to ensure our grid is accessible and able to support more electric vehicles on our roads and highways.

Green Party of Manitoba

Yes! We support subsidies for electrification of interprovincial and intercity trains along with free urban transit as well as support for transition to electric vehicles.

3. Buildings

Will your party commit to ensuring that your policies, laws, and funding commitments related to infrastructure and buildings also help reduce Manitoba’s GHG emissions?

Manitoba Liberal Party

Yes. We commit to greener building forward. We also need to recognize that preserving existing buildings, including heritage structures, and retrofitting them, is much more environmentally friendly. In addition, the Green Fund will also provide grants to make energy saving-retrofits in their homes and businesses. Both individuals and organizations can apply for projects and receive direct funding. Eligible projects will include residential and commercial green retrofits to reduce energy costs.

New Democratic Party of Manitoba

We will work with the construction industry and other industries to retrofit existing housing and buildings to help conserve energy and improve efficiency. We are committed to a programs that support both the residential and commercial sectors. We will work to adopt the most up to date building codes in consultation with stakeholders to that make our housing and building stock more energy efficient.

Green Party of Manitoba

Yes we support funding for geothermal heating and social enterprise to move infrastructure and buildings toward carbon neutral status.

4. Green Jobs

Will your party commit to boosting Manitoba’s economy through the creation of green jobs to help with the transition away from fossil fuel energy to local, renewable, low-carbon energy?

Manitoba Liberal Party

Yes. First, the Green Fund will fund green jobs as well as fund the creation of greener jobs in many public and private sectors. Our Green Plan will ensure that our practices are more in tune with nature as we create new green jobs – with the focus of renewing and restoring our natural environment.

For Manitoba to grow its green economy and become more self-reliant, we need to incentivize growth and ensure Manitoba-owned and operated businesses to be strong and supported.

A Manitoba Liberal government will establish the Manitoba Business Development Bank with a mandate to provide capital and investments to Manitoba-based businesses so they can grow and expand their operations. The Business Development Bank will look at operations throughout the province and focus on partnering with Indigenous communities, and strategic projects that will help grow key industries in the province.

New Democratic Party of Manitoba

Green jobs are the future. The Manitoba NDP will work with green organizations and businesses across the province to develop and implement strategies to boost the economy by creating more green jobs. We are focused on creating jobs in the renewable energy field, starting with Manitoba Hydro. These are good, stable jobs that support the development of clean energy in communities all across our province. Our plan will strengthen Manitoba Hydro and help grow it for the future. We will also invest in retrofitting existing housing to conserve energy supporting good jobs and social enterprises along the way.

Green Party of Manitoba

Yes, green jobs are our #1 campaign cornerstone to move us quickly to a carbon neutral culture.

5. Adaptation

Will your party commit to helping Manitobans adapt to the effects of climate change (ie. heat waves, floods, droughts, poor air quality, wildfires, tornadoes, increased pests, and more)?

Manitoba Liberal Party

The climate crisis and the devastating impact of extreme weather events in the form of wildfires, flooding, and others have in many cases resulted, and will continue to result in, catastrophic losses for Manitobans.

As a province, Manitoba stands to benefit more than any other from bold action on climate, thanks to our abundance of green Hydro energy, which can be used for direct power as well as green hydrogen generation.

We recognize Manitobans cannot do this alone. A Manitoba Liberal government will support Manitobans to help them with climate change adaptation and resiliency.

Our goal is to make Manitoba the first province to get to net zero emissions and keep pushing so that we are banking more emissions than we produce. We believe that if Manitoba can succeed in doing so, that the federal government should provide “carbon payments” to recognize our collective role in fighting climate change and leaving a better province to our children and grandchildren.

New Democratic Party of Manitoba

Manitoba is already seeing the impacts of climate change. For many years, Manitobans, especially Indigenous Manitobans from First Nations, have been forced to flee from their communities due to the impact of wildfires exacerbated by drought. We are committed to investing in local communities to mitigate the impacts of floods, fires and other severe weather events. It will require a whole of government approach to address the effects of climate change on Manitobans. But we must also work to reduce this impact as much as we can to help Manitobans. This will also require a whole of Government approach and we are eager to work with Manitobans across the province to

Green Party of Manitoba

Yes the GPM understands we are in a climate emergency and need to adapt to ensure food security for all Manitobans as our agriculture adapts to local supply for local demand. The shift to organic resilient agriculture requires education and funding as does emergency preparedness and sufficient jobs to protect Manitobans in adapting to extreme weather events.

Here are some additional resources about each provincial party’s climate and enivronment plans:

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CBC News asked each party about their environment related committments. Here’s what they said:

Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

The PCs pledge to improve fuel costs and efficiency in the transportation sector through a $15-million fund that would equip semi-trailers with aerodynamic retrofits. PC Leader Heather Stefanson has also said she wants the federal carbon tax off Manitobans’ hydro bills and will take Ottawa to court over the tax if needed. In July, the PC government announced a six-pillar critical minerals strategy, which includes opening mines faster.

Source: CBC News – Manitoba Party Platforms

New Democratic Party of Manitoba

The NDP promises to offer a $4,000 rebate for new and $2,500 for used electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles. NDP Leader Wab Kinew estimated the program would cost $7 million per year. The NDP would also sign on to the federal commitment to protect 30 per cent of land and ocean by 2030. In May, Kinew also promised to enhance the mining sector by boosting critical mineral development.

Source: CBC News – Manitoba Party Platforms

Manitoba Liberal Party

The Liberals promise to create a $300-million-a-year green fund to fight climate change. The fund would go toward projects that help restore wildlife habitats, establish electric vehicle charging stations and energy-saving retrofits, among others. The party also promises to negotiate with the federal government for a new carbon tax agreement so the province can be in full control of proceeds. The Liberals pledge to increase the area of protected land in the province by 30 per cent by 2030 by working with municipalities, First Nations and other stakeholders.

Source: CBC News – Manitoba Party Platforms

Green Party of Manitoba

The Green Party lists the climate crisis as the cornerstone of its 2023 action plan. The party pledges to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide incentives for adopting electric vehicles. It also pledges to improve EV charging network coverage, particularly in rural and remote communities. The Greens would also electrify existing bus fleets and agricultural equipment, while exploring alternatives like drone technology and expanding bike lanes. The party hopes to make the province a green hub of central North America and supports the transition away from industrial agriculture by incentivizing small-scale animal producers.

Source: CBC News – Manitoba Party Platforms

Keystone Party of Manitoba

The Keystone Party promises to work with provincial partners to resist the use of carbon taxes for farming and ranching operations, the 30 per cent reduction in farm use of fertilizers and the implementation of a farm ID program. The party also wants to encourage the development of secondary industries to refine mining and agricultural production.

Source: CBC News – Manitoba Party Platforms

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