In response to the growing number of climate related disasters happening around the world, it’s critical for businesses and governments to take serious climate action. 

Consider Climate, Manitoba (CCM) is a non-partisan, grassroots campaign focused on educating Manitoba’s policy makers about the importance of climate action, and showing them that this is something Manitobans are concerned about.

Solutions to address the climate crisis exist, and many of these solutions would help save Manitobans money.

Together we can show our leaders the importance of considering climate in all policy, budget, and legal decisions. 


What's the human impact of having a government whose policies, laws, and budgets consider climate?

Consider Climate means a healthier, more affordable Manitoba.

Think about it…

  • Heating and cooling inefficient homes costs Manitobans more than many can afford.
  • Poor air quality, increased pests, and extreme heat impact people’s health.

The affordability, health, and climate crises are all linked, and solutions to addressing them should be too.

How did this campaign get it's name?

In collaboration with Climate Reality, Manitoba’s Climate Action Team commissioned a probe research poll in early 2023 asking Manitobans whether they believe that climate should be considered in all policy decisions. 75% responded saying this is something they believe governments should be doing!

As a result, we chose “Consider Climate, Manitoba” as the name for this campaign.


Is this campaign volunteer led, or being led by an organization?

This campaign is facilitated by Manitoba’s Climate Action Team (CAT), but we need a community of volunteers to bring the campaign to life.

Can I get involved?

We need people like you to make this campaign a success! Click here to check out a list of opporunties to get involved.

If I want to donate, will I get a tax receipt?

Yes, donations of $10 or more will receive a tax receipt! All Climate Action Team finances are managed by Green Action Centre, one of our coalition members (a registered Canadian charity). Online donations to Green Action Centre for the Climate Action Team go through Canada Helps and donors receive emailed tax receipts right away. Donations received by cash or cheques will be mailed tax receipts.