In March 2023, Manitoba’s Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives Office, Climate Reality, and Manitoba’s Climate Action Team commission a poll through Probe Research in an effort to learn how involved Manitobans think our provincial government should be in addressing climate change.

The results we received indicated that 75% of Manitobans believe that climate change should be incorporated into everything the provincial government does.

Key findings from Probe Research were as follows:
  • Manitobans broadly favour incorporating climate change into all provincial government policies and initiatives. Three quarters of Manitobans support this approach, with four in ten saying this is very important. However, a sizable minority, nearly one quarter on Manitobans, feel this approach is not an important one to take. Nearly every Manitoban has an opinion on this matter, with only two per cent unsure of their views.
  • Winnipeggers, women, those with university degrees and those who identify as Black, Indigenous or a Person of Colour (BIPOC) are most likely to say embedding climate action into all aspects of provincial government policy is very important. On the flipside, men, rural residents and Manitobans with a high school diploma or less are more likely than average to feel this policy approach is not an important one for the provincial government to pursue.

Addressing the climate crisis should not be done through a lens of “this or that,” but rather climate needs to be integrated into all other policy, budget, and legal decisions governments are making.

We need policy makers to understand that if the transition away from fossil fuels is done effectively, it will save Manitobans money and improve health outcomes.

Burning fossil fuels to heat inefficient homes in Manitoba costs citizens more money than many can afford.

Poor air quality, increased pests, and extreme heat are leading to a decline in health amongst Manitobans.

There is no denying that the affordability, health and climate crises are all linked, and solutions to addressing them should be too.

Leading up to Manitoba’s provincial election in fall 2023 you can be part of making climate action a priority in Manitoba through the Consider Climate campaign. Click here to learn about opportunities to get involved.

Click here to read the full Probe Research report. Additional information from Probe Research about Manitobans’ Assessment of the Provincial Government’s Efforts on Climate Change can be found here.